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Welcome to the Wildlife of Xtina Parks

I'm pretty much a self-taught artist who ditched my day job and dug my heels in. I'm a photographer, conservationist, author, and researcher that works in the field to conserve, protect, and rehabilitate the land for animals and people alike in Africa. I use my voice and my skills to bring the world of the African bush to life, hoping I inspire others to appreciate and love our precious planet along the way... all while focusing on what still is left of the natural world. The big skies! The open savannahs! The sound of elephants roaming in the wild.

I also am an African art and Fair-Trade gallery owner who works to showcase and sell the works of incredibly talented artisans, craftspeople, and villagers from all over the African continent.

Join me on my journey of places rich with the tapestry of life, in all its forms.


ROAM Exhibition

Fouquet's Hotel, NYC

Now on View

Highlights of ROAM Exhibition

Hyatt House Hotel, LAX 

Now on View

TAOS Series

Morningstar Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

Now on View

ROAM Exhibition

ROAM A Xtina Parks Gallery, North Adams, MA

September 2022- January 2023 

Upcoming Exhibitions, Book Signings

ROAM Exhibition

The Form Building

Cape Town, South Africa - November 2023

Mass MoCA Book Signing and Pop Up Exhibition

North Adams, MA - August 2023

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